Better Bocce

SYNLawn’s SYNBocce™ is a premier system that uses a concrete base over aggregate to create a uniform texturized nylon surface with a proper one-degree pitch for drainage. The turf is spot glued using approved commercial adhesives and can be completed with a variety of bumper board options, such as bender board and poured concrete curbing.
Red, Yellow and Blue bocce balls on a clean bocce ball surfacing

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Bocce’s rise in popularity over the years is based on its social nature and ease of play. Unlike other sports, Bocce requires little in the way of equipment and appeals to all ages. SYNLawn’s SYNPro Bocce offers advantages over traditional oyster shell surfacing, without sacrificing performance. Bocce surfaces can be incorporated easily into many designs, including Independent and Senior Living properties as well as multi-family developments.
2 side by side bocce ball courts made of artificial grass
Close up of a red bocce ball sitting on artificial grass
A family playing with a small child on a bocce ball court
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This is the best product for Bocce Ball surfaces.

Bocce Ball Turf Features

Consistent ball roll with minimal bounce

Dust-free with no watering required

Excellent drainage

Can play on after rain

Can be shoveled after snow

ADA Compliant surface

Indoor Bocce ball court with white text on the turf
3/4 angle of a long bocce ball court

Bocce Ball
Court Tips

The United States Bocce Federation (USBF) recommends that courts used for International Tournaments and Open Play be 91-feet long by 13-feet wide.


When choosing your Bocce Ball Court location, consider selecting long and narrow areas such as along a wall or fence or in a side yard.

Court Size

There are typically three sizes to choose from when planning for your Bocce Court.

  • Regulation size is 91 feet long by 13 feet wide.
  • Club Dimensions are typically 76 feet long by 13 feet wide.
  • Residential Dimensions are on average 60-70 feet long by 10-12 feet wide.
    The Right

    SYNBocce offers many advantages over traditional surfacing options such as crushed stone, clay, and oyster shells, including true ball roll performance, superior drainage, and overall aesthetics.


    Complete your Bocce Ball Court with a border such as poured concrete curbing, or add a weather-resistant decorative wooden frame for a decorative touch.

    diagram showing bocce ball court sizes
    let’s build your
    Bocce ball court

    Using our Online Project Wizard you can map out your custom area by trace around your project area with maps or using square footage. It’s easy and precise.