commercial financing

An easy solution

2 great ways to finance
There are 2 easy ways to finance your commercial project: Vendor or Co-Op programs. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and listed some of the important information below. If you have more detailed questions about these financing options, we would love to hear from you.

commercial vendor

SYNLawn has partnered with PNC Vendor Finance to deliver customized and innovative Commercial Financing solutions.

North America’s most prestigious colleges, universities, hospitals, and hospitality organizations count on PNC Vendor Finance to help their businesses accelerate sales and create competitive advantages. With proven industry experience in the development and implementation of Commercial financing solutions, PNC Vendor Finance specialists help SYNLawn clients meet their facility usage and budget needs. Payments can be framed as fixed expenses that are built into an operating budget, rather than passing bonds. This arrangement also makes the process of replacing a large area seamless — especially in combination with cooperative purchasing contracts.
100% Cost coverage

Base construction, installation, taxes, and other fees can be included in the financed amount. Plus, all other surfacing options can be financed with PNC Vendor Finance too!

flexible financing terms

Financing terms generally run from 36-84 months, depending on the type of project and your credit standing. At the end of the lease term, you own the landscaping project for only $1.

fixed payments

Payments are locked in now, avoiding the risk of potential rate increases due to higher costs in the future.

manufacturer warranty

Warranties are passed directly to the client from the manufacturer, ensuring your product has the highest warranty protection.

commercial co-op

Cooperative purchasing bypasses formal public bids allowing public entities to select the products they want to meet their local requirements and timelines.

save time & money

The use of Co-Ops assists in the purchasing process by allowing you to choose from vendors that have been vetted by other entities like you. They also do the negotiations for you ensuring the best price right away saving you the back and forth. This leaves you with more time to focus on the things you want instead of – doing market research, drafting specifications, advertising the bid, vetting bidders, conducting interviews, and more.

preferred selection

There are multiple bid types and depending on the type of bid that you conduct, you may have little choice in your selection. Certain bid types can result in general contractors selecting your turf for you. Then you’re committed to that turf manufacturer and installer for the life of the warranty – and you didn’t even get to choose! Price is important, but it shouldn’t be the ONLY factor in your decision.