6 Reasons to Add a Backyard Court

backyard basketball court system


August 16, 2017

Score big with family and friends by adding a basketball court to your backyard.

Homeowners know that one of the best places to entertain friends and family is right in your backyard. Now, you can host a different kind of fun with a backyard court system from SYNLawn. From basketball, volleyball, tennis and more, your dream of playing any game you can imagine conveniently at home can come true! While the summer season is the perfect time to install the popular half-court basketball court or multi-purpose court, you can enjoy whatever configuration you choose year-round. It’s a slam-dunk decision, especially with a 12-year limited warranty, because the investment in your family will be sure to last for generations. If you’re still on the fence, here are six of our favorite reasons why you should add an outdoor court surface to your backyard.

1. A Healthy Lifestyle for Everyone

Now that school’s out, you might be thinking of different ways to keep your kids busy, and sometimes that’s not an easy task. Whether your children are glued to the cartoons, your teens can’t put down the video games or your college kids spend way too much time binge watching their favorite shows, you’ll be able to get them staying active and enjoying the outdoors when you install a sports surfacing system in your backyard. Not only is it great exercise for them, but it also will give the entire family the chance to build both athletic skills and healthier bodies.

image of kids playing basketball on backyard home bball court
image of custom full-court basketball court

2. Create A Safe Environment

Sure, your kids could go to the park or the gym to play basketball, volleyball or tennis, but do you know exactly which friends they’re playing with? Depending on their age, you might not have your eyes on them all the time. Having a basketball court or other court system in your very own backyard gives you peace of mind knowing exactly where they are. It also means that you have control over which friends or teammates they play with and during what hours. No more wondering where they are or if they’re going to get into a fight with some guys during a pickup game at the park or gym.

Unlike a concrete or asphalt court, these backyard courts from SYNLawn are made up of a suspended shock-absorbing surface, which helps soften falls. This is particularly important for those with little ones who want to create a backyard for safe play. The high-impact polymer tiles help reduce impact shock to your joints and muscles too. You can play ball as much as you want without the wear and tear on your body!

We have kids now that have grown up on their courts and received college scholarships because they started out playing for fun, developed an interest and got really good.

3. Develop Important Skills

It doesn’t matter if your kids are just playing for fun or putting in extra practicing time for an upcoming game. You’ll notice strong bonds between friends and family when practicing dribbling, shooting, serving or spiking. They’ll also develop important personal and social skills on the court that will carry into their everyday lives. In addition to improving their sports skills, they’ll learn about things like teamwork, fair play, good attitudes, competition and commitment.

4. The Bigger The Better

When it comes to your new backyard court, bigger is definitely better, especially if you have the space. And if you have little ones, it’s best to plan for the long term. “Often parents think that kids will outgrow the court, which in reality is exactly the opposite,” said installation crew manager John S. “We have kids now that have grown up on their courts and received college scholarships because they started out playing for fun, developed an interest and got really good,” he added.

image of boys playing basketball on backyard bball court
image of a backyard Sports basketball court with artificial grass putting green

5. Enhanced, Easy-to-Maintain Landscaping

You can design your sports surfacing system to fit your lifestyle and enhance your landscaping by choosing from a variety of eye-popping colors. Take your basketball court design one step further by adding a custom logo from your favorite school or professional sports teams. Of course, one of the best ways to finish off the look is by adding artificial grass or a putting green around your backyard court system to complete your low-maintenance landscaping.

Since it’s designed for the outdoors, it can handle hot and cold environments while keeping its color and durability. Some homeowners in the northeast even freeze their courts during the wintertime so that they can play ice hockey! Because this tile system is installed over an existing concrete or asphalt court or the same sand base or compacted soil used for SYNLawn’s artificial grass, your court will drain quickly after it rains. Keeping your multi-sport outdoor court tiles clean is easy when you use a garden blower to rid the top surface of debris.

image of an outdoor hockey rink Sports
image of a multi-sport backyard court for basketball and tennis

6. Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you install a volleyball or basketball court in your forever home or are planning on moving a few years down the road, a backyard court is a great investment for your property and your family. While they can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000, it will increase the value of your abode. And when it comes time to put your home on the market, your listing will definitely stand out from the rest when marketing that your unique property features a custom court that greatly benefits families or more serious players.

You can make the most of your backyard experience with a sports surfacing system with SYNCourt sports tiles from SYNLawn. Your sports landscape design professional will help you select the right size court for your backyard and your budget. To learn more about our backyard courts, contact your local SYNLawn distributor for a free design consultation!

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